My Story

Hey, everyone! So you may or may not be able to tell, but my name is Jessica (insert winky face)! I am currently in nursing school PLUS I hold down FIVE JOBS! Two of which are my own businesses, but this is my health page so I’ll skip all that. So several months ago I realized that I was no longer happy with my weight. I’d put on 10 pounds since starting college (over 3 years, praise God I didn’t gain it all freshman year). At my heaviest i was 156 pounds, which some of you will say, “That’s not that much Jessica, get over yourself.” I was not happy with that though!!! So i set out on my weight loss journey. Imagine me putting on my camelpack and venturing into the wild with nothing else, because that’s how I felt!

Basically I started working out, nothing too intense, just basic intervals on the treadmill and SOMETIMES I would venture into doing work with dumbbells….sometimes, but in this journey I rediscovered this company called It Works! *cue all the skeptic’s criticizing remarks* I’d once been a skeptic myself once as well, so please keep reading. I actually saw that someone was doing a giveaway for a free product on Facebook Live so I jumped on. No harm in that, right? If I won then woo-hoo, free product! If not, then no big deal. WRONG. I didn’t win the contest and I was actually kinda bummed, but whatever. I could just get over it.

Well this AMAZING woman, who is now my upline (who we can take a moment of silence for and praise God for her) added me on Facebook! I was pretty impressed, like, woah, this chick just added me, sweet. So I did what any person would do – I stalked her Facebook profile (Dev, if you’re reading this, yes, I stalked you). I saw one of her posts about if i signed up to be a distributor I’d be eligible for a $10,000 bonus! Imagine poor, college girl who likes to shop falling out of chair at this point. AT the time I only had 4 jobs. and NONE OF THEM are getting me enough money to pay tuition! So I was like “TIME TO MESSAGE THIS WOMAN.” So I did, I used the products, it actually helped me to lose even more weight! I became a distributor (which I am working on getting that $10,000 bonus now) and I am loving every second of it!

I have met some of the most inspirational people in this business; they are all always there to listen and help me and I am so thankful! Plus the best part is……I AM NOW DOWN OVER 20 POUNDS!!!!! I am thrilled that these products have helped me so much and i am overjoyed at the friendships I have gained! If you’re ready to join something that awesome, then what are you waiting for? Message me and jump on this fireball team while you can!


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My “Why”

For everyone just joining us, my name is Jessica! Hopefully you’ve already seen my little tidbits on my health journey so far, but now I’m going to tell you another story, a little more serious one.

So you *fingers crossed* read about how I became a promoter for It Works, and how I’ve actually used them and you’ve seen my results! Well, now I’m going to tell you why I decided to become a promoter in the first place.

Like I said, I’m in nursing school! Well, throughout *almost* the entire college the grading scale is a 10 point sscale. so 90-100 is an A, 80-89 is a B, 70-79 is a C and so on. Well, nursing school is different. We are on a 7 point scale. 92.5-100 is an A, 84.5-92.4 is a B, and 77.5-84.4 is a C. (I include the tenth of a point because those are what give us life)

WELL, ladies and gentlemen, to keep my scholarship from my school my GPA must be a 3.0 or higher. Should be easy for a high school valedictorian. WRONG. I busted my butt. I still lost my scholarship. Because I made an 84.3 (which if you remember is a C). So, this dropped my GPA for the semester to below a 3.0, therefore resulting in me losing my scholarship. So I have been left with the task of coming up with thousands of dollars for tuition, but how?

And that’s why I joined this company. I saw the chance at a $10,000 bonus (which is still available BTW). So I literally couldn’t afford not to try it, and so far I’ve been doing AMAZING. I am working hard, kicking butt, and within a month of joining I am halfway to getting my $10,000 bonus! I’ve made amazing money so far that I am able to put back for tuition, plus I am helping other people on their health journeys while also working on my own *insert green heart emoji*

Well, rewind a few months. My baby (AKA my dog Dakota) came into my life! He is the sweetest, most energetic, loving dog I have ever met! He was a stray and about to be sent to the pound, so I saved him. After making sure he wasn’t microchipped I had the vet check him for EVERYTHING.

The vet said that Dakota looked great! He was a healthy 18 month old husky/lab mix and couldn’t be doing better! Except…the vet told us that his heartworm screen came back positive. So my new baby has heartworms. If you aren’t familiar with the treatment, it is lengthy and expensive. So along with tuition and my fur baby, I had no choice but to join. I joined my my future, my baby, and to help others.

This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and maybe you’re in a similar situation, or totally different. You just know you need that money, contact me! This is for the mom who wants more time with her family, for the college student needing to pay rent, for the man tired of living paycheck to paycheck. THIS IS FOR YOU! Don’t tell yourself it’s not. If you need it, then this is for you, have some faith in yourself and in God and take that first step. You won’t regret it.

BTW here’s a picture of Dakota and I 🙂