I am no longer a wrap virgin…

Okay guys, so if you haven’t read my story yet, PLEASE go do that before reading this first blog! I want you guys to get to know me a little before you start reading all of this and looking at my tummy!

SO, if you’re a little rebel and didn’t read my story, welcome! My name is Jessica, and this is just a little bit of my journey of how I lost 20 pounds! I started using It Works products, and I am also a distributor, but I was never sold on the products until I saw my own results! SOOOO, I’m about to tell ya’ll about these results!

So let me tell you guys I was totally sketched out by these body wraps at first. I did not know how it could work and make me more tones and firm, but I tried one anyways because I like to give people (and products) the benefit of the doubt! I did my research and decided “What the heck?”

So first things first, I opened it, and I was SHOCKED. Like. I looked at this thing and was like “wut ._.” but I kept going! So I took it out, and low and behold, there are directions! (which would’ve been nice to see in the beginning, but I’m a rebel too) So I put it on *lotion side to the skin* and instantly it was like super cold. Like. COLD. And then it started feeling hot. And it was the most strangely wonderful thing I had ever felt. It feels like those Icy-Hot things that Shaq used to promote!

So I drank like as much water as I could with this wrap on, just like the directions said *thank God for those directions* and after 45 minutes of wearing it I was ready to unveil the skinny goddess that I had just transformed into. Like, I felt it work, so I knew I was ultra skinny. As soon as I unveiled my newly transformed tummy, I looked in the mirror and I saw………NOTHING. NO CHANGE. Okay, so the directions said to rub in the extra lotion so I did (like it would help rub that extra fat away). So I was kinda bummed.

Well, I had taken my before picture, so I decided to put my non-changed after picture next to it, and when I did….I saw that I did have results! *cue happy dance* I was so excited I went and shared my results right then and there, but best results don’t happen until 72 hours layer! I waited the long 72 hours and drank more water than I’d ever dank, because I was going to do what those directions said! And BAM! I took another picture and there were even better results! IT HAD WORKED!!!!!

So I attached a picture of my results for all of the internet to see, because who doesn’t want the internet seeing the thing their most insecure about? I had to to show you guys that this really did work for me though! Now, we always say, one is a treat, four is a treatment. After four you start seeing more permanent results. One is good for looking skinny at the beach for a day. Four is good for looking good at the beach every day *insert cute sunglasses man everyone loves* And these things are actually reasonably priced! So if you’d like to try just one, contact me! Facebook, Instagram, whatever is best for YOU! And if your already sold and want 10 bajillion I’ll give you my website to go order some of these bad boys *insert cute winky face*

But I hope you are all doing amazing! Thanks for reading this first blog post, and let’s get you started on your health journey!!!

My website to go through is jessicabenefield.itworks.com (original right?)

wrap results

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