Muscles, memory, and sleep, oh my!

Hello again everyone! I am back again with another *somewhat* amazing post!!!

I have been working SO hard to get my business of the ground and it is going great, thanks for asking! So I am reviewing yet another product that I am currently using, and I’m sad to say it, but I found a product I don’t like….I LOVE it!

This new little mixture of pure perfection in a bottle is called New You! This stuff helps to build lean muscle, improves memory, AND helps you to sleep better! And we all love our sleep. Or at least I do, and if you don’t, well, I feel sorry for you *sad face*. Sleeping is probably my second most favorite thing to do besides eating, but anyways, onward to my results!

So, let’s be honest, you guys don’t know me (unless you’re one of my amazing supportive friends reading my blog to give me views, you da real MVP). BUT if you’d like to get to know me head to my Facebook account!

So, I have a terrible memory in general because my mind runs a million miles an hour and basically I never stop doing something. Literally I’ll be in the middle of a sentence and forget what I’m talking about. Or I’ll think of something I want to tell someone, say their name, and then all I say is, “Uhhhhh.” And then everyone goes, “You forgot didn’t you?” I’m literally that bad. I really don’t have trouble sleeping, THANK GOD. But I have had trouble building muscle.

So I started on this supplement  like 2 weeks ago. Since I’ve started it I can definitely tell an improvement in my memory. I still forget sometimes, but now I can usually remember in seconds what I was going to say. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN AS MUCH NOW THOUGH! And all my friends reading this say, “amen!” The biggest area I’ve seen improvement in is my lean muscle mass (because remember, I sleep great already). I am able to see definition in my arms and legs a LOT more than before, and of course I exercise along with this. I just wasn’t seeing muscle results from working out before, but now I can definitely tell! So please don’t think you’ll turn into the hulk sitting on the couch eating a box of Oreos. But if you find something that you can do that with, LET ME KNOW. Because I like couches…and Oreos….and movies….and sitting…

But I’ll post a picture of my results for you guys to see! Now this is a before and after from my 20 pounds I lost, but you can totally see my little gains in my after picture! So enjoy! And remember to click one of the above links to check out New You!


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