How to eat vegetables without eating vegetables

So, I bet you’re all wondering about this little title I’ve put up here.

I can hear what your thinking, “But Jessica, how can I eat vegetables without EATING vegetables?” “Jessica, please tell me more. I am begging you.” “Jessica, my kid won’t eat his vegetables so get to the point and tell me how to get him to!”

Well fear not! Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen because I’m about to rock your world!

So about a month ago I happened upon this little way to get my complete serving of vegetables AND fruits for each day. But HOW? Well I found this little product called “Greens.” Stupid simple, right? Well, let me be the first to tell you that it’s not what I expected. I expected to taste this stuff and feel like fairies were dancing around on my taste buds. I was WRONG.

At first I was like, “BLEH.” Then after taking another sip i was like, “BLEHHH!” But I ponied up and drank that whole thing! Well, after a couple of days of stirring in my little packet of water, I put it in a shaker bottle instead and I shook it up. AND THEN……IT WAS AMAZING!!! *Que the dancing fairies* The tiny dancers I’d been waiting for had arrived, and I realized I’m supposed to shake them to get the real flavor out and it not be “BLEHHH!” (Don’t judge me, do any of us really pay attention to instructions?)

SO, what’s the big deal? Well this little drink packs 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods AND 34 fruits and veggies into ONE 8 ounce drink!!! Plus it helps to alkalize, balance, and detox your body. Plus its Soy-Free. Dairy-Free. Vegan. Non-GMO. So to all my vegan friends, YOU CAN HAVE THIS! It comes in orange, berry, and CHOCOLATE flavor! (The chocolate flavor is approved for the kiddos, so you can swap that chocolate milk for this chocolate milk drink thingy with all their veggies!)

To be real I thought the chocolate one would be disgusting, but it tastes exactly like chocolate milk and I WILL be getting more of it *insert lovey dovey emojis)

To be real again, I can tell when I don’t drink my greens. I’m sluggish, I bloat back up, and I just don’t feel as good. So this little genius idea is staying stocked in the Benefield house! Here’s a typical picture of me being excited about my greens and taking them to the gym.



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