My Story

Hey, everyone! So you may or may not be able to tell, but my name is Jessica (insert winky face)! I am currently in nursing school PLUS I hold down FIVE JOBS! Two of which are my own businesses, but this is my health page so I’ll skip all that. So several months ago I realized that I was no longer happy with my weight. I’d put on 10 pounds since starting college (over 3 years, praise God I didn’t gain it all freshman year). At my heaviest i was 156 pounds, which some of you will say, “That’s not that much Jessica, get over yourself.” I was not happy with that though!!! So i set out on my weight loss journey. Imagine me putting on my camelpack and venturing into the wild with nothing else, because that’s how I felt!

Basically I started working out, nothing too intense, just basic intervals on the treadmill and SOMETIMES I would venture into doing work with dumbbells….sometimes, but in this journey I rediscovered this company called It Works! *cue all the skeptic’s criticizing remarks* I’d once been a skeptic myself once as well, so please keep reading. I actually saw that someone was doing a giveaway for a free product on Facebook Live so I jumped on. No harm in that, right? If I won then woo-hoo, free product! If not, then no big deal. WRONG. I didn’t win the contest and I was actually kinda bummed, but whatever. I could just get over it.

Well this AMAZING woman, who is now my upline (who we can take a moment of silence for and praise God for her) added me on Facebook! I was pretty impressed, like, woah, this chick just added me, sweet. So I did what any person would do – I stalked her Facebook profile (Dev, if you’re reading this, yes, I stalked you). I saw one of her posts about if i signed up to be a distributor I’d be eligible for a $10,000 bonus! Imagine poor, college girl who likes to shop falling out of chair at this point. AT the time I only had 4 jobs. and NONE OF THEM are getting me enough money to pay tuition! So I was like “TIME TO MESSAGE THIS WOMAN.” So I did, I used the products, it actually helped me to lose even more weight! I became a distributor (which I am working on getting that $10,000 bonus now) and I am loving every second of it!

I have met some of the most inspirational people in this business; they are all always there to listen and help me and I am so thankful! Plus the best part is……I AM NOW DOWN OVER 20 POUNDS!!!!! I am thrilled that these products have helped me so much and i am overjoyed at the friendships I have gained! If you’re ready to join something that awesome, then what are you waiting for? Message me and jump on this fireball team while you can!